SORA is yet to launch, OPENAI is addressing societal safety concerns.

SORA, a revolutionary AI model developed by OpenAI, is taking center stage with its groundbreaking ability to transform text into compelling videos.

As we explore the immense potential of SORA, it's crucial to address concerns related to social safety and ethical implications. The ability to generate highly convincing content raises risks of misinformation, manipulation, and abuse if not approached with care.

OpenAI is committed to proactively tackling these concerns through rigorous research and development. Ethical guidelines, transparent practices, and collaboration with stakeholders are at the core of our strategy to create a safe and responsible AI ecosystem.

Once OPENAI takes effective measures to ensure the safety of the community, I think they will responsibly release SORA for public use. This decision reflects our dedication to democratizing access to cutting-edge AI technologies while upholding principles of accountability and user protection.

Join us and wait. Stay tuned for updates, and be among the first to experience the transformative potential of SORA firsthand when it's released.

Check this out!

This is a way to get an early "taste" of SORA's capabilities. Although it's only a simple way to switch between a limited number of videos, it's worth a try! Go to the page and search for the keyword "taking", have fun!

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